An overview to Pokemon trading card game!

The Pokemon is more than a decade old Japanese animated series that have had created a sensation in the world of children animation. After it is huge success its merchandise been released in the market. A few years back its trading cards are also released by company that was again a huge success.

You will easily find Pokemon trading card in the market these days moreover; they are considered one of the best behavioural games for children. Typically, you will find three types of decks in this game namely; starter deck that almost every player has themed deck and last one is booster pack.


How to play Pokémon trading card?

To play the Pokemon trading card it is necessary for you to understand about different Pokemon characters including three different decks use in this game. Starter, themed and booster are 3 decks where starter deck is used at the beginning of the game and booster cards are used to enhance the power of Pokemon’s.

At the beginning of the Pokemon trading card game each player will have basic Pokemon cards if any player does not have it then they cannot participate. There are a few special or energy cards as well like fire, water, darkness, lightning, metal and grass etc.

Special Pokemon trading card!

In Pokemon trading card game you will not only find character cards but also other special cards that are used by players to win the game. For instance, minimum one attack card is given to every player then there are a few energy cards as

vs-systemThird category is of special cards like confused, burned, poison etc that are again considered powerful in all Pokemon trading card deck. Fourth and last category is of legend card that are quite rare like HO-Ho legend. well. These cards provide special powers like darkness, grass, lighting, metal energy, water energy, fire to the player.