Special Pokemon trading card!

In Pokemon trading card game you will not only find character cards but also other special cards that are used by players to win the game. For instance, minimum one attack card is given to every player then there are a few energy cards as

vs-systemThird category is of special cards like confused, burned, poison etc that are again considered powerful in all Pokemon trading card deck. Fourth and last category is of legend card that are quite rare like HO-Ho legend. well. These cards provide special powers like darkness, grass, lighting, metal energy, water energy, fire to the player.


Pokémon trading card!

In year 1996 Pokémon animation series was aired and gradually it became so popular that it released its merchandise in the market. Among all Pokémon trading card became quite famous not only in children but also in adults. If you are also a fan of Pokémon trading card game then follow a quick snippet on some essentials of this game.
1.    The entire set of Pokémon trading card set contains three different decks namely; starter deck, theme deck and booster deck.
2.    There are a few legend cards as well that boost the power of other sets of cards.
3.    These legend cards in Pokémon trading card game is of utter importance.

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How to play Pokémon trading card game?

The theme of Pokémon series is designed around different creatures that fought a battle by using their powers and with the help of trainers. The idea behind introducing Pokémon training cards is players will act as a trainer of Pokémon and fight the battle. There are several variations and types in Pokémon trading card games that need to be studied thoroughly so that you will play it efficiently and effectively.

Asleep, paralyzed, poison, burned and confused are some of the special conditions that are caused to Pokémon during attacks. But under any circumstances the defending Pokémon is moved to bench then it will be no longer affected by those special conditions.

Besides energy cards Pokémon trading card deck has other four types as well, trainer, supporter, stadium and prize cards.